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London Flipped

Urban Good

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This is not a cartographic revolution, its simply a rotation! Something to keep the topsy-turvy happy and give a fresh twist on a familiar view. 

LAUNCHING 9th July – pre-order today

This is the first full-size map of London drawn upside-down — the map surprises even those most familiar with the capital's cartography. 

It is a true topographical map covering the whole of Greater London and its surroundings, but rotated 180°. With south at the top and north at the bottom, this map disrupts conventional perspectives and helps people re-imagine London without the pervasive and perverse bias of north-up.

1 of 100 – We are running a stamped & numbered limited edition of the flat poster version, perfect for hanging on your wall. These ship in a large secure roll tube. Product page here.


ISBN: 9781914432170