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London Flipped

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This is not a cartographic revolution, its simply a rotation! Something to keep the topsy-turvy happy and give a fresh twist on a familiar view. 

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This is the first full-size map of London drawn upside-down. The map will surprise even those most familiar with the capital's cartography. 

It is a true topographical map covering the whole of Greater London and its surroundings, but rotated 180°. With south at the top and north at the bottom, this map disrupts conventional perspectives and helps people re-imagine spatial relationships in London without the pervasive and perverse bias of north-up.

It is printed with two special Pantone inks: a fluorescent orange that you can't miss, and a metallic gold that gives a subtle sheen as the light changes. 

1 of 100 – We are running a stamped & numbered limited edition of the flat poster version, perfect for hanging on your wall. These ship in a large, secure roll tube. Product page here.

"London Flipped is a brilliantly simple psychogeographical conceit. With the old familiar world turned upside-down, established prejudices are confounded. This map is pure liberation. We break free of formal hierarchies and learn to read again."
Iain Sinclair, author, filmmaker, Londoner.

"Wonderful, a genius new way of looking at the landscape of London."
Jack Cornish, author, walker, Londoner.

"A stylish fresh perspective on the world's greatest city. We LOVE this map."
The Map Men: Jay Foreman & Mark Cooper-Jones, broadcasters.

"This radical map invites us to do London differently - to rethink and explore the landscape with a new perspective. It's time to rethink your London orientation!"
Daniel Raven-Ellison, Guerrilla Geographer & London National Park City Founder.

"Challenge yourself to look at the familiar in unfamiliar ways and you notice so many new things. Upside down, crazy-coloured London from Urban Good."
Alistair Humphries, author & adventurer.

ISBN: 9781914432170