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Flat Central London Footways - Reverse


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This is the 1st edition.

Please note: Footways are launching a new map 23 May 2022. Find more on their website, link below.

Postage and packing included free.

Explore the Footways story, beautifully illustrated with over 100 features to go and find on foot. 

Central London Footways is our collaboration with London Living Streets, who spent 18 months designing the routes. Read lots more about the project at footways.london, where you can find the routes on google maps too. 

The Footways network has been curated to connect major places with appealing and accessible streets. The places include mainline train stations, popular destinations and green spaces. It prompts Londoners and visitors to choose walking as the most enjoyable, efficient and healthy option.

Special graphics and diagrams are printed on the reverse, alongside hundreds of features to seek out as you explore.

Printed in 4 special Pantone inks, on 100gsm short grain paper from Denmaur, and folded to 198mm × 105mm × 5mm, with a special fluro belly band to keep it safe. The print unfolds to a large format (A1) sheet. 

Other versions:

If you want a flat, unfolded poster of the map for framing or display, have a look here. Folded maps can be found here.

Footways was published in September 2020.