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Flat Glasgow Urban Nature Map

Urban Nature maps

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Printed on the same press as Ordnance Survey maps, it is a large-format (950 × 1270mm), high-quality, map printed with a special Pantone fluorescent ink – custom drawn to highlight all the places to explore on foot or by bike.

A little bit about this map
It shows Glasgow as a city of nature, bringing its green and blue spaces to the fore - its parks, woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves and rivers. It incorporates symbols marking places to walk and cycle and take in the city’s views. It shows open space rather than roads and buildings.

Urban Nature Glasgow aims to stimulate us to see the city differently: to think more deeply about the city as a place, and our place in it. It’s a resource to encourage more awareness and more action for people and nature…to help put nearby nature in everyday lives.

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